Vindication uses Discord for our voice communications. To join our Discord server, simply click the link You can join through a web browser or the Discord client. A microphone and speakers or headset is all you need.

Vindication does not require Discord participation from all of our guild members. However, for guild sanctioned events, including raids, achievement nights, etc., we do require your presence in our discord server. A microphone is prefered but not required.
What's on our Discord server, you ask? Lots of things! You can take advantage of the utility of the Jeeves bot to find out which guildees have mythic keystones you can join in on, check their best runs, their gear, and record your own. You can join in on the conversation, get to know us, coordinate with other guildees during runs, activities, and events, or you can browse the huge history of videos and images that have accumulated over the past eons of time in which we've used Discord for our guild.

Simply stated, you need Discord! Come join us!