Vindication is seeking dedicated players to join our raid effort. We plan on running one main team with a possibility of an additional team or teams to enable our alts and newer members to run raid content. If you are interested in joining our raid effort, please speak with Suddendeth in game or on discord.

At this point in time Vindication is preparing for the next expansion, but we may raid before then as a preparatory effort in building and developing our team. No positions are guaranteed at this time, including team leadership and tank/heal/dps roles.

As we go forward, we will expect each member intersted in a raid position to maximize their preferred raid character in order to bring their A game and be the best they can be. Class and role help is available for those in need, simply ask an officer.
What does a Vindication raid look like? It looks like a dedicated team of friends and guildees coming together to have a great time downing bosses, clearing content, and collecting loot, all while carrying the Vindication banner and bearing the Vindication name over their head.

We require participation during the week within the guild, communication in guild chat on the game and on our discord server, and your attendance on time in the guild discord server.

Your responsibility as a guild raider is to keep up with in-game opportunities to advance your raid character, to engage the guild in a friendly and respectful manner regulary, and to communicate with the guild leader on a regular basis. Your feedback is important; we care about your experience in Vindication.