Vindication has been around since Vanilla. We're a different type of guild. We don't measure the worthiness of our compatriots by the level of their gear or the number of their achievements. We seek those who are down for the struggle, throwing their lot in with ours. We value the group over the individual. We believe you succeed when you demostrate your ability to help the group succeed. We value you as you value your fellow guildmate.

We celebrate those who share the burden, help shoulder the load and fight the good fight. In Vindication, all are deemed worthy, from new guildee to veteran, from initiate to Guild Master. Our battles are fought side by side. Our success is demonstrated by the level of respect we develop for each other, by the amount of pride in accomplishment that comes from overcoming obstacles together.

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Welcome to Vindication! We are one of the World of Warcraft guilds on Shattered Hand-US that has been around since Vanilla (the original World of Warcraft release). We've had a long history with ups and downs and all sorts of interesting twists, so we hope you'll check out our Guild History section to learn about that. It's an interesting story.

Whether you're coming to Vindication for the first time or returning to Vindication, we are happy you're here! We are a friendly guild filled with a great mix of veterans of WoW and newcomers. We are both helpful and knowledgeable. Our crew is thrilled that you've joined us. We look forward to our time with you, whether we quest together, run dungeons, engage the Alliance in PvP, raid together, or simply hang out in the guild discord server and do videos, memes, and game content.

Be sure to take advantage of all the catch-up opportunities of patch 8.3. You can quickly catch up your mains and alts. Ask in guild if you would like help!
Vindication is a friendly, helpful guild made up of veterans from the earliest days of the game, as well as those who have come along since. We offer a very active guild with people possessing a very in-depth knowledge of the game. You can almost always find people to share whatever your desired activities may be, whether PvP, dungeons, keystone runs, or raiding.

In preparation for the next expansion, Vindication is seeking those knowledgeable, skilled, and enthusiastic members for advanced positions. Speak with an officer today!