Raids: 8 PM Eastern Time Week Nights
7:15 PM - 9 PM
Raid Leader: Feardread
Now Recruiting: DPS and Healers

To raid with us, you need a few things:
Twitch Desktop App
Ability to listen in Twitch and follow instructions
Deadly Boss Mods (updated before raid)
A good working knowledge of your class
Proper gems and enchants
Augment Runes and appropriate potions
Extra roll tokens (before raid time)
A clear schedule so you can come and stay
Vindication has been around since Vanilla. We're a different type of guild. We don't measure the worthiness of our compatriots by the level of their gear or the number of their achievements. We seek those who are down for the struggle, throwing their lot in with ours. We value the group over the individual. We believe you succeed when you demostrate your ability to help the group succeed. We value you as you value your fellow guildmate.

We celebrate those who share the burden, help shoulder the load and fight the good fight. In Vindication, all are deemed worthy, from new guildee to veteran, from initiate to Guild Master. Our battles are fought side by side. Our success is demonstrated by the level of respect we develop for each other, by the amount of pride in accomplishment that comes from overcoming obstacles together. We put little faith in those who would boast, and we hold in high esteem those who demonstrate the courage and steadfastness to stand with us in our efforts.

If you choose to join us, know that we will experience the challenges of Azeroth and beyond side by side. You will come away with not just the spoils of war, but the satisfaction of true friendship and camaraderie that only friendships forged in battle can bring.

Vindication offers you the ability to partake in the gaming experience of World of Warcraft in a variety of atmospheres. We are a friendly, helpful guild made up of veterans from the earliest days of the game, as well as those who have come along since then. We offer a very active guild with people possessing a very in-depth knowledge of the game. You can almost always find people to share whatever your desired activities may be, whether PvP, heroics, leveling, mythic keystone runs, or raiding.

Vindication adheres to the concept of providing room for whatever experience our members desire. We have room for those in our ranks to advance as far as desired. We strongly encourage our members to take part in our Twitch server, to get to know their fellow guildmates, and forge friendships. We urge them to advance as far as they desire by sharing their knowledge and expertise and helping others along the way.

Come make Vindication your home!

Guild Resources
Class Officers
Death Knight Demon Hunter
Druid Hunter
Mage Monk
Paladin Priest
Rogue Shaman
Warrior Warlock
Guild Professions
Flasks and Potions Buff Food and Feasts
Jewelcrafting Enchanting
Preparation and Placement
Readiness Assessment Economiy

Vindication is made up of a main and multiple supporting guilds on the Horde faction on Shattered Hand server. We also have a sister guild on the Alliance Faction of Shattered Hand Server, with which we are now only loosely affiliated. Connected realms are Coilfang, Dark Iron, Demon Soul, Dalvengyr, and Shattered Hand. You can be a guild member from any of these servers.